Financial Advisory

Our firm's Financial Advisory is comprised of seasoned, multi-disciplined professionals that bring a different aspect and perspective to bear in the transaction process, providing a uniquely integrated services approach to client service and product delivery. We offer services tailored for each transaction and seek opportunities for our clients to maximize their return on investment, while minimizing risks. We built a highly specialized and dedicated team to provide straight forward advice to clients on every critical business decision before, during, and after a transaction.

Each transaction is distinct, and size fits all

We can support your company through the process of pre-initial public offering. We will help identifying issues need to be settled and improved. “Every business will require corporate finance advice throughout its lifecycle; whether to grow the business by acquisition, to raise new funds for growth or to fund the exit of a major shareholder.” Our financial advisory can assist in a range of services including mergers and acquisitions,  capital restructurings, arranger and financial advisor for debt fund raising, equity capital raising, joint ventures and other strategic business decisions. Our networks provide additional benefit in delivering our service to clients. Our professionals in due diligence services are qualified audit, accounting and tax specialists who provide value added services to corporate and private equity clients and have a deep understanding of local challenges and distinctiveness in accounting principles and practices,  quality of financial information, internal control, corporate governance, conflict of interest and related party transactions,  general legal environment within industry and business as well as complex and evolving tax laws les and regulations.  Our clients are typically national medium-sized businesses, securities companies, financial advisory services firms, law firms and private equity firms across a wide range of industries Our strategic partners can provide services extend to the valuation of assets and business valuation.